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Writer's Block: Listen to This

If a friend asked you for some new music recommendations, what would you suggest?
I'd ask if they mean music that was just released or music they aren't aware of. For someone like me who is almost exclusively into indie music, staying on top of new releases can be a challenge. Then when I find they're out it's usually quite a while later that I get around to purchasing them. I just now found out that Rhys Chathams' drone metal band The Essentialists supposedly had it's release two years ago!

I haven't heard Wolf Eyes new album Always Wrong yet. http://www.hospitalproductions.com/catalog.php "acid drenched industrial noise and dub terror psychedelia" Yeah. I think that just about covers their current sound. I saw them earlier this year when they made a quick trip down from their hometown Detroit. They played Skylab. It seemed weird to see who I believe are one of the greatest experimental groups in the world today in such a small and intimate venue. Their show featured completely jarring alien sub-bass beats with growling vocals, soprano saxophone, guitar and a metal U shaped pipe that has holes drilled on each side and fed from another pipe attached in the middle with a saxophone mouthpiece on the end. I think that they may also use tape manipulation as well. The only criticism I have of the show is that I wasn't impressed at all with the guitar player. It was never the less easily the best experimental show I've seen. Some sound sources were revealed but with more questions raised.

I want to hear what Sunn O))) is up to with their new album Monoliths & Dimensions. I want to catch up with what Dylan Carlson's band Earth is doing with their newer country drone rock albums. I'd love to find some new mind blowing and inspiring microtonal albums. The only one who is going to satisfy me is myself. So back to work.

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