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Resistance to permanently posting this has faded. Music rant.

I was thinking about the above song most of the weekend. I've become certain that they added reverb for the video. The reverb adds a lot of atmosphere. And hey! Much of it is shot in a church! So it's like the music is being played there! I wonder if I can find a good recording of the song with the reverb included. I frigging HEART well used reverb! That is one of the great things Joy Division have going on in their music. Well placed silence. Builds. Decays. Even if you don't have access to a room with good acoustics, good reverb equipment can sometimes help simulate them. There are other good uses too. But whatever. I'm done for now.

I'm silly enough to be rethinking, refining or changing and also explaining my choices for that greatest albums meme from a while back. And if I find that people actually give a rat's butt about it or it leads us into conversations together or a better understanding of things it'll be worth more than just me being done pondering it.
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