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Sundays are only being used as my practice days from now on. If I get around to it during the week it's great. I'm shooting for practicing everyday. But all of Sunday is a sure thing. I've been slowed down this weekend by recovering from a cold. The mix of vocals and guitar in the improvisation I recorded was way off. Something was always drowning the others out. So I split the vocals. One into it's own pre-amp then into the reverb unit. The other combined with the guitar set-up and into the same reverb unit; then out to another pre-amp. It boosted the vocals perfectly. Now I'm working on finding the vocal and guitar sound combinations that compliment each other best. If this sound isn't as good as I'd imagined, it's only because it's better. I'm cooking up some amazing and original industrial drone music.



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Aug. 23rd, 2009 08:35 pm (UTC)
I completely forgot to tell you about my experience with the improv clip you posted on jacobs ladder. sry :p

First off it made my eyes water. As it got toward the center, there was a weird area where it sounded as though some of the sounds separated from one another, and it skirted the edge of seizure territory for me (I go into a trance/catatonic state). Then at the very end is an area of sound that feels like something is physically running through my brain. It ran from the ear area through the frontal lobe towards a point just above my eyes.

The music gave me an impression of mechanical crickets. Add my tears, and the overall effect made me think of someone sitting outside at night, in an industrial wasteland, listening to crickets and crying over the tragedy of it.
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