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Yeah I should just go meditate but I feel like writing. I traded Mogwai's newest album and ex-Columbus residents 16 Bitch Pile-Up's album Bury Me Deep in for The Cocteau Twins first album Garlands. I got rid of it during another fucked up purging phase . Sometimes you don't know how much you love something till it's gone. I love it. It's had a big impact of me. I can appreciate a few drummers. But great drum machine work is really it for me. The Roland TR-808. Damn. Out of all the things people build fetishes on, they could actually overlook it. The weirdest. Will Heggie playing bass so tight and with the sound compressed. Where would I even begin with Elisabeth Fraser? If someone knows a better vocalist introduce me. Robin Guthrie was the first person to inspire me towards making playing guitar enjoyable. It took so long to start finding deeply interesting people. I think many people need to lose the idea of instruments needing to be played specific sorts of ways and just make them work any way they can.

Oh yeah. I also brought my dresser home from my ex-roommate's house so I can clear some space off my music equipment rack to start putting together my altar in the place it obviously will work best.

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