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Is it wrong to be attracted to nerds, geeks and nerdy geeks? Because I would enjoy being wrong. They're obviously the greatest. But I'm still picky about them.

I have some neat events to write about but they are getting pushed aside for a bit. Last night I was up all night seeking music to listen to online. I almost only revisited Descendents songs. I had the compilation Somery on cassette for the longest time. I'm constantly evaluating and re-evaluating qualities in sound and techniques to produce it. Song writing too. But I don't know how much I think about it.

But yeah Descendents got me thinking about the past again. I hate it. Maybe that's why it took so long to revist them. Selective memory was too difficult for me to do right. As far as I can tell memory seems like a practice you should always work at. Use it or lose it. I think I'm sorta screwed up in the head. I doubt that it's anything that some well focused self discipline couldn't fix. Where to start. Well one of the places is seeking a psychiatrist or therapist. Both? My mind needs to work more efficiently so I can get enough done.

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