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Rest In Peace Marc

Amanda and I stopped at her brother's grave today on the way back to her place to change my oil. He lived for years in the basement of the house on Morse Road that I called home for around a decade and Amanda was there far longer. Amanda took him in so he wouldn't be homeless. He had crazy looking eyes at least mostly from a nail going through one of them from an accident at work. He squatted most of the time while he lived with us even when he was working. Amanda let it slide for years because she hoped he was saving his money from working towards getting his life back together. But he kept blowing most of it on drugs and whatever else. He was an alcoholic and drug addict. We thought he was trying to kill himself sooner or later from it all. It's all too long and complex for me to do a good job trying to explain. He was an Army Veteran. He had a lot of problems with physical pain from accidents and hard labor. A couple years ago he found out he was a grandpa and seemed to start putting everything he had into getting right for his grand-kid. He moved out on his own. He'd just been released from drug rehab and was spending the night at his son's place when they found him dead a little over a week ago. His son had often been an enabler by giving him drugs and alcohol. He'd even let him go driving under those conditions. But I don't know the details.

I didn't know him very well. He seemed to be in a very bad place. He was dishonest or selfish sometimes. But you could always see he had some major problems getting the better of him. He could seem really nice. I didn't really know him. But he seemed like someone who needed help. Amanda tried to help him as much or more than anyone. I remember us three having a nice quiet time sitting & talking while cooking around a fire in the backyard. It was a good time. It was nice to have him there. That's how I want to remember him.

I wasn't able to make it to the showing or funeral because of work and a doctor's appointment. I should drop in or at least send Amanda's family something.

I wish Marc had a better life. It was very painful even just watching him go down. I wish I knew how to do more for people. Someday. I hope he's finding peace and how to make a better life in another.

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