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I went out with Jessica.

We met yesterday at Used Kids, my favorite record store. I prefer to meet strangers there or close to it so if they aren't going to show up I'm already doing something I love. But she showed up right after I did. We stayed there for over and hour. It wasn't the greatest thing to start off with though. It was a lot less exciting too because they were almost completely out of having anything I was looking for. That happens every once in a very long while. It's usually the complete opposite there and I'm constantly needing to put back things I want in order to afford buying more important items. But it was a sort of lame start for meeting someone, though she thought it was still impressive.

Then we went to a nice restaurant named Marcella's. I was trying to start & keep conversations going. She wasn't. I think I was a little dorky, pretty shy and nervous that night. She says it's cute though. She looked stunning. She kept giving me looks that made me completely blush, giggle and sometimes even look away. That was incredibly intense. The food was great too and at unbeatable prices.

We wanted to keep talking afterward and the only decent place I could think of was the Shi Sha hookah lounge. She wanted to go there because she'd never been to such a place. We have great conversations. It was a completely enjoyable night. It ended very well too. That's all I have to say about it for now. I know it's just the first time meeting but it was totally exciting. I couldn't help from floating around the apartment today while I was actually awake anyway. I was so tired today.

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