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Women Role-Models

It recently came up again in the book I just finished, touching on what role-models are for. Not for worshiping or believing that they are perfect, if you can actually find someone who doesn't seem to have any flaws. The importance of role-models is to simply have positive attributes that inspire us to be better people. I look up to Janeane Garofalo for her beauty, intelligence, sense of humor and good taste. But I don't keep up with what she's doing or make time regularly to learn more about her. I should probably start. That's it though. Just her.

I'm surprised that I don't know of more women who could be potential musical role-models. I love Wendy Carlos but I don't find her music inspiring for what I'm working on. What I know of her personal life has yet to really inspire me either. Great woman but I'm not yet there with her. There is french drone music pioneer Eliane Radigue, who was told that her music was very meditative and that she should look into Tibetan Buddhism. She soon converted and her work became inspired and influenced by it as well.

No combination of potential role-models really inspire me like I think they should. It's too bad I'm not making myself my role-model. How would that even work? I suppose it's possible but I'll need to start at least most of the time being a good example to myself. I'll feel awkward about it at first but I should see about working on daily affirmations as well. If I follow through with all that I'll be the greatest role-model ever, at least to myself, though I wouldn't be surprised if other people caught on.
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