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Jessica broke up with me about three weeks ago. I was going to break up with her but wanted to make completely sure that was what I wanted first. We just weren't working out for various reasons. We're still talking and want to be friends. Hopefully that will work well.

Kevin and I are talking again. He got back in touch with me about a couple months ago. He wanted to start dating but I told him I was dating a girl and he'd just need to wait in case it didn't work out. He said he's been jobless and broke with his phone turned off, so supposedly that's why he fell off the face of the Earth for a while. He's had a bunch of excuses including some new ones today. I'm trying to use my best judgment. Maybe he really is just going through some tough times.

So I decided to make plans to get re-acquainted with Ron & Bev this evening. They're a married couple I dated for a while before we sort of unofficially decided we were just good friends. They're not some creepy swinger type of couple either, before you even consider that. They're my age, an extremely cool and nice couple. As far as I know they're open to starting a polyamorous relationship if they meet the right woman or women. They were so good to me which was probably much more difficult to do back then. Then they moved to Las Vegas and we grew apart due to that and both of them battling serious health problems. I don't know what is going on tonight though. I'm waiting to hear what the plan is if anything. This isn't like them.

But I've been having a great time playing my guitar with all my equipment functioning well again. Though I am wondering if I damaged my delay pedals some. They don't feedback anymore when turned up. I should ask molkos_bitch if I can pay with used guitar pedals that need fixed and he can just keep, sell or trade them. If not that's fine. I have at least four possible ones I can think of ATM. But never the less my guitar is sounding great. I've been having wonderful times practicing. I tuned my ring-modulators again tonight. This time by ear. I may need to check that to make sure later. Though it seems pretty obvious.

I have a lot more updating I could do here. I don't know if I'll ever catch this journal up. Small summaries will probably need to do. I have so many things that need done. Before I go I want to say that I've finally left a message to schedule an appointment with a psychologist. Hopefully someone will get back with me soon about that and it will all work out nicely.

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