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I'd already dumped nearly all the other types of music out of the player I take to work with me in favor of focusing only on the avant-garde jazz I have before I even knew about it. The more experimental types of jazz, mostly free jazz have been holding the majority of my musical attention. They are excellent but I think that this is also due to what is probably a lack of awareness of more good free form artists.

Free form as a description of what I'm aiming for seems like such a paradox. When I have something in mind it doesn't come across to me as a mess of sounds that just happen without an intended effect. Some people may do that. I believe some do. I don't.

As far as jazz goes I love some of the more regular jazz as well as the avant-garde types. I'm pretty sure my first jazz album was Lionel Hampton's Mostly Blues when I was 15 or 16. It was alright and mostly centered around his vibraphone playing which he is known best for. I gained more knowledge and appreciation of jazz in the 90's when I'd go out dancing to swing and spending time with others who did. I still didn't start to find my favorite jazz artists till much later when I dated someone who took a class about jazz in college and I did more research on my own. Now it's easy to see far more of the impact jazz has had on the world, but certainly not all of. I think that it's unfortunate that there seems to be so few appealing jazz artists left in the world. Though I'm hoping it's just another case where more searching is needed. I'm also seeking a better understanding of jazz.


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Apr. 19th, 2010 03:48 pm (UTC)
I used to have an interesting vinyl jazz collection. As with so many things in my life, they disappeared somewhere along the way. Which is unfortunate, because I now cannot think of most of them.

The only one that comes to mind unfailingly is Stan Getz. I think he probably fits into a more regular sort of jazz mold.

I had some stuff from others that I would've considered to be extremely different from mainstream.

Most genre discussions are lost on me. There's not much point in me using them, since music is something I either like or don't, genre be damned. But I suspect I may have had a couple of albums that fell into the *free form* category.

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