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No Group / Mini Artist Date / The Book I'm Reading

The place was all locked up when I got there. I went upstairs through the side door. Some other group meeting. I checked the flier. Right day and time. If I'd realized it's Father's Day maybe I would've called ahead to make sure it was on. I don't acknowledge Mother's Day or Father's Day so maybe I did see that and just dropped it from my memory. Something akin to reacting bleck! Don't want anything associated with either in my mind. Out! I'm guessing but it wouldn't surprise me in the least. Well damn I'm going on about it now.

I had some retail therapy instead. Though I thought to myself that my selections were so well thought out it'll become simply music therapy. I still need better ways.

Bought a blueberry and yogurt boba smoothie from Pochi Tea Station and drove to have a little artist date. At least forty five minutes isn't too bad but I seriously neglect myself there. I went to Guitar Center and tried three different Big Muff guitar pedals, a Zvex Fuzz Factory and a some compressor I'm not recalling right now. DXM? I disliked all of them except I liked the compressor okay. I'd like better. I'll probably hold out for an Electro-Harmonix Black Finger tube compressor unless molkos_bitch has a better suggestion for affordable analog compression. Still an artist date. Not something I normally would do. Plus I expected it'd be just goofing off on guitars and pedals. I believe that counts.

I need to get back to reading The Sickness Unto Death: A Christian Psychological Exposition for Upbuilding and Awakening by Soren Kierkegaard. So far I think that it may end up being my favorite book. If so I'll start memorizing at least parts of that book. Before I stopped reading it during the big migraine last week it had been helping me immensely. I probably still have a ways to go before it'll truly be absorbed and put to work in my own life. That may even end this decades long mess. It's at least giving me that much hope. Just thinking about it is making me feel better.

The snippets of dreams I recall have been nothing less than bedlam. Much unpleasantness and craziness I can't translate alone. From being trapped under glass to kicking it with The Manson Family. I need to chill out.
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