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I'm thrilled with my new NS Design WAV 4 Violin, Incredibow and Hill Dark Rosin. I started playing it tonight. I'd expected it to be a challenge. Yet it actually isn't. I consider myself to have extremely limited experience with bowing and fretless instruments. I've played double bass with and without a bow, used a Piranha Bow on fretted and fretless electric guitar and was deeply dissatisfied with all of them. So far my experience with my violin and it's accessories has been shockingly effortless. Hill Dark Rosin is supposed to work best with Incredibows. It sure as hell isn't like the crap I was using before. I'm not sawing on the rosin block for a half an hour just to build up enough of a coating on the bow hairs to achieve a minimum amount of friction on the instrument's strings as the rosin comes off just as fast and makes a mess all over me and the instrument. This was especially easy as this was my first time preparing my bow and I got a good coating on it in a couple minutes. The amount of control I had with the bow was unbelievable! The violin sounds great. It was easy to tune. I'd thought it'd be a challenge, but the only challenges are due to my lack of experience. Maybe even they won't turn out to be much of a challenge at all. I'm trying to be realistic here.
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