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Jawbox and the Early Nineties

It took the Deftone's cover of Savory to get me to look up Jawbox again. Their album "For Your Own Special Sweetheart" got lost in my extremely hazy drug filled and denial ridden teen years which were still just beginning with my second job at Rax when I was sixteen. There I made friends with a skateboarder named Chuck. He introduced me to skateboarding and the other skateboarders in town who I'd become friends with. I started buying Thrasher Skateboard Magazine after seeing a copy he had. They had some type of special promotion for Jawbox's new album and that's how I found out about them and bought it. I'd never seen a picture let alone a video of the band till now. The early nineties were so exciting to me musically. That was party due to me starting to become aware of much more music because I could get out and find it and finally watching MTV for the first time at my girlfriend's; but it was also from major label level exposure of much more different and arguably "artier" types of groups than most have probably ever taken a chance on since the initial buzz about "alternative" groups died down by the mid nineties. Going from what seemed like wall to wall fresh faces and sounds to mostly blandness was such a let down. Then popular music began to gel mostly into pop and rock groups that would sometimes have their own special little alt spin. There will always be that. But I want more. I think people deserve more choices without needing to hunt for them.
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