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Deftones Concert

I was wrong about the new album. It grew on me till it became one of my favorite Deftones albums. According to most other reviews fans have written this has been the normal reaction. Now I'm glad I kept listening instead of going and selling it. It's weird how sometimes things creep up on you like that and you're not sure why.

The concert was good which is actually a shame because it could have been almost perfect if the stupid sound guy had gotten the mix right. The bass was up way too loud to where the guitars were in the background but every note of the bass guitar and thud of the bass drum was annoyingly overwhelming.

Almost a highlight of being at the show was having my ass totally groped by an extremely attractive woman as she passed by me while giving me a come hither look. I was in a weird mood though and probably couldn't bring myself to react right. I was getting sick and have gotten so tired of being the one to pursue. Try talking to me. I told myself she was probably drunk anyway. Eh whatever. Just another frustration.

I also had trouble not daydreaming during the concert.
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