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so um about that

Got myself out of a bad situation I got myself into. May go on about it some later. Working at not sweating it or my upcoming berfdey. Breaking from my highly experimental industrial drone Jacob's Ladder project for my at least somewhat less experimental drone metal/industrial metal/sludge metal called Saraswati. I'm doing that for at least a few good reasons. The most important ones are that I'm too hungry for playing out and making money to wait till I have all the details worked out for Jacob's Ladder. It's the more challenging one anyway. Plus I'd been planning on doing my metal project anyway. Now that I've moved back in with Amanda I have my favorite amplifier, her Earth PA Mixer Amp to create with. I'll get back to my Jacob's Ladder project soon. Working towards achieving some catharsis through a song. Yes! I'm singing words in it! Maybe some of it will even rhyme. Bitches love rhymes. The closest thing I'd compare it to is something on the B side of Black Flag's My War album, early Swans aaaaand.. some of Jesu and other drone metal. Iono. I'm trying to do my own thing so it's nice to be that difficult. Hopefully I'll continue having no problems writing songs and only become more difficult. Fuck people and their expectations.
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