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Currently and a Dream

I feel optimistic. My conscious mind is a churning storm of doom and chaos. My subconscious seems super beautiful and optimistic here: I'm in New York City. I go give a poetry reading on the empty set of Saturday Night Live. I give away what was my Lego train set to the people who let me in. They take the track, motor and figures; then add it into such a gorgeous moving(literally & figuratively) flower arrangement, I cry for a bit. Then I go to a party where I don't know anyone. It's really awkward. I'm drinking beer. I take out my favorite drum machine and listen to it on headphones, though it doesn't have a headphone jack. A girl there starts asking questions about it. We start talking about all sorts of stuff, hit it off, start making out. I need to go back home because I just discovered that it has a door on the side that doesn't lock, with a huge hole in it anyone could easily enter through. My last roommates are my roommates there. I need to find another place to live. I climb ladders on the sides of buildings in the city and jump from one to the other when I don't think it'll hurt me, then climb down when I run out before a park. I'm wondering if can find a job and place to live in time or if I should go back to my job in Ohio on Monday. There is a coffee shop across the street. I see or just imagine a girl I like in there, and dream of meeting her. I go to the park and watch people talk about relationships and I try to figure out problems. I walk off still thinking about them, down the side streets.


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Nov. 27th, 2012 03:43 am (UTC)
Nope. After analysis, I found this dream only illustrates my bad relationships with people. Just doom and gloom with happy disguises.
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