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Dream: Gatekeeper

Sooo.. I just spent 18 hours in bed. I had a bunch of dreams, but the first was a nightmare that woke me up in a cold sweat. It was so disturbing and realistic, I was all freaked out afterward. It seemed to take a long time to calm down and go back to sleep. So far, I think of it as the classic man vs machine(i.e. the system) archetype. I see what's going on. I just hope it all falls down in time to avoid the smallest amount of further suffering and death as possible. In the dream one roommate and I are running an errand. She is driving my car. She parks like she always does, backing into the space in the parking lot. This parking lot is crumbing apart on top of the dirt underneath. There is a tree growing nearby. It's roots stick out to points in our parking space. We back into them and it flattens both tires. We go inside the building of the company that owns the parking lot and demand compensation. They say they won't do that but here are a couple passes for Cedar Point amusement park and some other crap. I think my roommate split from there to finish running the errand. I stayed and argued a while longer. It gets hazy here. I walk through the building, seem to make a friend; then I woman I have a crush on walks in a apparently she is my girlfriend. The whole mood changes to very hopeful and as happy as I ever get. Her and I start making plans to leave town for a couple days of fun. I'm always like some incredibly strong amazon in my dreams. She jumps up, standing on my hip and I start carrying her like she weighs nothing. The guy I made friends with sees the elevator open. It looks very strange, with a four foot gate that opens and shuts behind the door. Attached on one side of it from the waist up is a human looking cyborg man. The friend rushes in, eager not to miss the elevator. We tell him the exit is another way, we aren't taking it. The gate is trying to shut as he tries to come back. He gets into an argument with the gatekeeper. The gate is open enough. He tries to run through. It clamps down, holding him there. Before I could do anything. The cyborg grabs then crushes his jaw with one large hand, tears off and crushes his face with the other; then crushes his skull before the rest of him. During that fast event, were the most blood curdling screams I can imagine coming from a man. The horror made it seem to happen very slow.

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