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LPs by Swans, Demonologists, David Lynch and Smegma

Wow, Swans! Mindbending drone rock! I'm going to need more time to really take in "The Seer," but more than worth the price of admission!

Hell yeah! This Demonologists(self titled) record is great! Awesome compositions. I'd describe it as industrial with a good spanning of styles à la Throbbing Gristle. Very impressive.

David Lynch's "Crazy Clown Time" is a completely awesome album! It's a wonderful mix of blues, dream pop and electronica. Karen O does a fantastic job singing on Pinky's Dream.

Listening to Smegma, "33⅓" now. They're known for being one of the longest running experimental noise groups, since 1973. I'm really enjoying this. Great jams sometimes having bits of blues and jazz thrown in among very difficult to describe drones and avant-garde music reminding me of John Cage. It's extremely surprising, fantastic music!
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