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January 14-15: Down/Movement/Beatings/Phasebook/"Life" Lessens

Drank coffee all day. Tired all day. Depressed all day.

Blarg! Hooking up altered states equipment though I feel like hell. Whatever. Gonna go do goddamn something..

Altered states project sounding good. No altered states yet, other than me dancing around while playing. That's nice though. Still this project may need to be reassigned to power electronics until consistent results have been established, such as: 1. Getting my motor running. 2. Heading out on the highway. 3. Looking for adventure and whatever comes my way 4. Go make it happen. 5. Take the world in a love embrace. 6. Fire all of my guns at once. 7. Explode into space like a true nature's child who was born, born to be wild, climbing so high, never wanting to die.

What if this site turns out to really be a social networking page despite my frequent and sometimes annoying posts? Try harder? I didn't realize how much of a mess I've been until today. That is the great life lesson. You struggle as hard as you can and then you look back completely disappointed, wishing you'd never been born. If it were a happy ending, would it be believable at all?

Motherfucking... On the TR-606 drum machine working to forget life. The other great life lessen. Work hard enough to forget existence.
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