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Current Events January 21, 2013

I keep yakking about this new track, not to pimp it; but because I'm so excited about it! The two drum machines' different tempos really add an unwinding clockwork sound like it's slowing down to die; but no, it's just one rhythm doing laps around the other it's half literally combining with.
Actually, I screwed up the mix on my industrial project. I'll do a better version or some more new material today. Either way, I'm still saving this for now.
Ah. Okay. This is where I left off before being overly fucked up and over for years. Every channel of the mixer is being used to it's fullest potential.
Mmmm. I wanna crank this monster. I'm going to cast a circle of protection and do a banishing ritual just to be on the safe side. Plus I'm finding new information online that resembles what I've experienced the last few years about seeming to attract spirits, being fed on, getting sick from it and other ugliness.(Oopsy. I got into this just making my music.) For me at this point, it seems like this is a very potential scenario. So maybe my last roommates were right about some stuff, though I think they also have bat shit crazy to burn. Oh the joys of spiritual awakening!!! *HEADDESK*
Hey! Food! I've mostly just been smoking like a chimney. You could cut the tension with a knife.

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