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Out Bustown. In Newark.

I just got my new free used bike back from riding and the shop where it was getting fixed up for this great bike city I love. Now to keep saving gas, having more fun and getting fit. I simultaneously fell in love with Newark while falling in love with my boyfriend. I'm still getting settled in here and finally able to catch my breath. My last car, job, location and room was very bad for me. I'm so happy here. I'll need to drive further for the great record stores, indie movie theaters and cool music venues of Columbus; but this is totally worth it. I did everything I could to like Columbus for over a decade and it never worked out even slightly for me. I don't even vaguely like the city, it's outlying areas, nor over at least 99% it's people as far as I can tell. Good riddance. I'm left with the souvenirs of all the bad memories I haven't figured out how to get rid of. I've been without internet connection for a month and haven't missed it one bit. I've been reviewing my past journals and cringing. I've slowly gotten better at writing. Maybe it'll be worth something. Time get back off the waste of time that is most of the net.


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