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surreal is so real

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I'm working on making everything better, music and other goals.


abstract expressionism, activism, alternate tunings, ambient, anti-plutocracy, anti-theocracy, anti-traditionalism, art, autumn, avant-garde, body modification, buying music, careers, chaos, city life, civil liberties, clairvoyance, classical music, collective unconscious, colleges, compassion, creative writing, creativity, culture jamming, dada, dancing, death, defense, direction, discipline, dissonance, dream interpretations, dream pop, dreaming, dreams, drone, drugs, early country music, education, epiphanies, equal rights, ethereal sounds, evolution, expatriots, experimental music, faith, folk, free-form, freedom, friends, geeks, goals, graffiti, harmolodics, harsh noise, having fun, healing, helping people, hi-fi, hope, hyperrealism, imagination, indian classical music, industrial, inspiration, jazz, jobs, just intonation, justice, life, listening to music, living, love, making love, making microtonal music, making money, making noise, math rock, meditation, microtonal instruments, microtonal music, minimalism, money, muses, music, mythology, no wave, nutrition, organic food, philosophy, photography, poetry, politics, polyamory, polyfidelity, polyrhythms, post-hardcore, post-metal, post-minimalism, post-modernism, post-punk, post-rock, psychedelic, psychology, reincarnation, relaxing, romance, science, scoring microtonal music, shoegaze, sleep, sleeping, small businesses, sound, spirituality, stoner metal, surrealism, symbolism, totalism, toy cameras, travel, unamericans, wisdom, yoga, zen,